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In 2003, Dr. John Horner wrote a detailed report on the murder case published by the Kansas City Public Library. According to the burial remains on the site, the following are known law enforcement officials who worked on the case after the killings: Edgar "Eddie" Smith, St. Louis County Sheriff's detective, as well as detectives from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the FBI. The murder of two young women at the Raytown Hotel in Rayton, Missouri, was not solved until the end of the year and today left a host of questions for detectives and historians.

Newspapers at the time also reported on the case, and the details of those reports vary radically.

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We particularly like the covered veranda at the back of the hotel, which is perfect for barbecuing in the summer months. There is also a screened-in porch with sitting area that guests can enjoy in a quiet neighborhood. The host can stay alone in his own room, although you still have a lot of privacy.

The kitchen is small, but it has everything you need to prepare meals for yourself or someone who has been on the property before. The host adds one more to make sure everything is well sorted, from the linen towels to the modern kitchen. We loved the herb garden that is located at the back of the property, and others have told us that it is one of their favorite places in town. They prepare a wide range of food to feed yourself, as well as a wide selection of drinks and snacks such as beer and wine.

Ogletree says he received a call in August 1935 from a man in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, who reported a "man from Memphis" from Tennessee. The unidentified man called the undertaker, who is in charge of the victim's funeral services, and said he would give Owen the money to have a proper funeral. He said his son was in Cairo, Egypt, and wrote that the caller lost his thumb in a fight that saved his life. Owen was buried on the pottery field on March 3, the Kansas City Journal-Post reported.

We like that the spacious open plot is a safe and secure parking space and the wooden outdoor terrace is ideal for breakfast. What makes this property special for us is that it is located on the main street of Raytown, making it an ideal place to enjoy local amenities.

We love the 12 m long deck and the dining room can accommodate up to 12 guests, the large living room is cozy and the bedroom also has a futon. On another level there are two large bedrooms with queen size beds and a total of nine guests can stay here.

In addition to the double bedroom, guests also have access to a leather-furnished living room, a well-equipped kitchen and a private dining room. If you are staying with your host, you must behave and stay as long as you want, because there is more than one offer.

The living room is narrow but simple and comfortable and has adjustable leather seats. The kitchen is well equipped - with oven and microwave, and the apartment has some extra extras, such as a well stocked pantry, coffee bar and even a private dining room. Remember to leave a comment below or tag us on Instagram if you choose one of our Airbnbs.

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More About Raytown